Most of us grew up seeing our parents wedding photos and sifting through family photos. It was one of my favourite things to do as kid. Now that digital images are the norm, we easily forget about the “magic” of prints. But as it turns out, in 2015, one of the “Fathers of the Internet” Vint Cerf, warned people everywhere to start printing their most beloved images. It looks like digital photos might not last as long as we expect them too, and here’s why…

The bride and groom passionately stare into each others eyes on their wedding day while standing under the harbour bridge. | London Ontario Wedding Photography - Photo taken in The Rocks, Sydney, Australia by Dylan Martin Photography

Digital images have an expiry date

It turns out all of our digital files are on a ticking time bomb…
We all have piles upon piles of digital images on our computers. But according to Vint Cerf, it’s just a matter of time until our digital images are no longer accessible because technology is changing so quickly. In the 1980s and 90s, floppy disks (now pretty much extinct!) were the main method of storing digital files. After that, CDs and DVDs were used as the “forever” method of storage (and these are barely even used today anymore). There are some computers that aren’t even made with a disk drive to read your CD/DVD now! Now the craze is to use USBs and online cloud storage. The truth is, USBs do fail, and its hard to say how much longer computers will include a USB input. And while mostly reliable, cloud storage and hard drives are not perfect either and can have issues too.

Prints are making a comeback

And with good reason!
Couples are rethinking how to preserve their wedding day memories. We all want these moments to be passed on because they define an important part of our human story. Think about it… the only reason we can enjoy images from the past is because at some point they were printed! One day our children will have USBs and not have anything to plug it into! A print or an album gives us something to hold, carry, and feel. Passing down prints and albums to generations is a big part of why we do what we do. We believe in the beauty of creating a legacy of love! Have you ever experienced looking at old pictures from your parents or grandparents, maybe even farther back then that? How did it feel? It is a window, a frozen moment in time that can be felt most powerfully through a printed photograph.The idea of children and grandchildren finding our weathered albums and prints – heirlooms – is a reminder of the power of love and commitment.

What about Facebook?

More than ‘likes’ after the wedding
More often than not, our couples want just digital files. When we ask them why, the first reason is to share them, and the second is because they hope that one day when life slows down, they can print some of them. We love sharing images on Facebook too, and wedding day pictures are probably the most exciting thing someone can share online with friends and family! After a week or two, though, the likes stop coming in. We want to give our couples something more than ‘likes’ on your most precious images!

The beautiful bride Ronda enjoys her wedding flowers in a special moment as her groom admires his bride on their wedding day. | London Ontario Wedding Photography - Photo taken in The Rocks, Sydney, Australia by Dylan Martin Photography

Print your favourites

Adding that personal touch to your home
In such a fast paced world where life can be incredibly busy, it is so nice to have a steady reminder in your home of what really matters. Printed photographs of the two of you on your wedding day and your family accomplishes just this. A large print above the fireplace, your wedding album on your coffee table, a portrait hanging at your entrance. All of these images remind you to slow down and cherish the important people and relationships in your life, filling your home with the moments and memories that bring your real joy.


The joy of having a wedding album

It’s no longer an “extra”!
Having a quality physical album on your coffee table that you can touch and feel is a special thing. We view wedding photography as a never-ending return ticket to one of the best days of your life. It’s also one of your first and longest lasting wedding day heirlooms. A wedding album brings back all the feels on the day you said “I do”. Without an album, you are missing out on a physical wedding day story. And a love like yours is a beautiful love story that is one for the books!


Full-service wedding photography

Dylan Martin Photography is a London, Ontario full-service wedding photographer, which means that you don’t need to worry about preparing and designing your prints and albums. We take care of it for you so you can focus on starting and loving your life as newlyweds. Our favourite part – delivering your wedding day prints and album! Have a beautiful love story? We are available worldwide for weddings filled with love and adventure.