I’ve never had a better photo session experience than with Dylan and Sandra. The Martins have a gift for making you feel absolutely at ease in the front of the lens, pulling the best out of you, and capturing it perfectly.


Dylan and Sandra are such amazing people inside and out. The passion and talent they share together for photography is beautiful. We knew as soon as we met them it was going to be a privilege to have them be the ones to capture our love for one another.

Close up of couple kissing next to blue waterfall - Rock Glenn falls engagement photographer Dylan Martin Photography in London Ontario
Maranatha & Dan

Working with Dylan and Sandra is like hanging out with old friends who know and understand us. Their love for each other and their craft are well reflected in every single snapshot…creative perfection.

Germaine & Chris

They made our experience so effortless and fun that we didn’t even realize time was passing! Dylan and Sandra are awesome – they work together so well and make such an amazing team. Their photography is genuine.

engaged couple hugging in the park - london southwestern ontario engagement and wedding photographer - Dylan Martin Photography
Alyssa & Adam

They created such a comfortable atmosphere for us to just be ourselves. We loved our time together as a couple and the moments we got to share with each other! #VeryHappyCouple!

Cute couple touching noses in outdoor park - London Ontario Western University Wedding Engagement Photographer - Dylan Martin Photography
Maria & Trevor

We loved working with Dylan and Sandra. They created such a fun and relaxed atmosphere that made us feel completely comfortable to be ourselves straight away. They work amazing as a team with such attention to detail. Lots of laughs were had and we will always remember our day with them!

Kathleen & Ryan