London & Toronto Ontario Wedding Photographers Dylan & Sandra

About Us

We should start by introducing ourselves! We are Dylan and Sandra, and we first became friends in a little church band where Dylan played drums and Sandra sang. We have an adorable chocolate lab, her name is Nessa. We love sushi, colourful food and lots of sriracha. Waking up too early for waterfront sunrises. Our first date was in a laundromat. Our first movie Napolean Dynamite. We have a running contest about who is more awesome. We wrote off the possibility of ever getting together, but we couldn’t fight it, and can’t imagine life without each other.

We are in love, passionate about marriage, and blessed that we get to work together as a husband and wife photography team to document real, heartfelt love stories. We are dedicated to capturing candid imagery that is timeless, authentic, and filled to the brim with joy, happy tears, and the incredible love of family and friends. Our home base is in London, Ontario and we work with amazing couples to photograph weddings, engagements, and anniversaries across Southwestern Ontario, from Toronto to Stratford, Cambridge, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener and all of the stops in between. With a love for adventure and travel, our work has also taken us to international and destination wedding locations, and we are always ready to go where the next love story takes us.

The Timeline

It was NYE 2011 and Dylan asked Sandra to dance. Sandra reluctantly said yes. We were just friends… until we danced. A friend snapped this pic of us!

We loved hanging out with each other. We were each others’ first boyfriend and girlfriend and got engaged after 2.5 months!

We did long distance for 8.5 months, and then joyfully tied the knot on 12-12-12, a wintery Wednesday afternoon that was perfection.

A mere 20 days later, we found ourselves living an adventure in Australia. We soon fell in love with wedding photography while we were there!

3 years later we followed our hearts back to Canada and continue our passion for wedding photography. We love what we get to do!